I enjoy doing photo montages, because through montages and music, I can piece together a story that might not be possible with just a single static photo.

Video or motion picture does not have that problem because you see action and you hear the interaction.

I probably should delve into videography but I hate the idea that you need to edit the footage to make it presentable, whereas a photo can, by itself, be presentable.

When doing montages, I let the music inspire me, taking cues from the verses and choruses. The background songs are always selected by the clients, so I’ll never know what I’ll be getting. But as long as I (literally) move the images according to the song, I should always get it right, because after all the song is selected by the clients who obviously hold special meaning to them.

In this montage, I purposely timed the chorus to fall on the veiling rituals and later the groom kissing the bride. I also created the black-and-white images on the repeat verse after the first chorus to display some journalistic excitement. I almost often try to end the montage with some romantic images of the couple.

This is the draft first cut. After the couple reviewed it, they requested for changes for aesthetic reasons. But personally I prefer this version.

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