It’s been a long long time since I find out how my album has been doing. So I googled it and found some interesting stuffs:

1. A plastic surgeon in Japan used it in his clinic and he claimed Piano Spa is therapeutic. Link
2. My music manager was being interviewed and he gave lots of mention about me and the Piano Spa series. Link
3. A local blogger lists Piano Spa among other CDs as his music to play when he reads. Link
4. A beauty salon in Japan complimented for its “true-to-the-name” relaxing effects. Link
5. Another blogger’s body “started to melt” when he heard Piano Spa 3 while shopping.
6. Singapore Polytechnic library has my album, so if you are are student there, you can borrow it.

If you find other interesting online articles, please share with us by leaving comments.


  1. hi sir, im a big fan of your piano spa albums, i have all 3 of them. when is the 4th coming out? they are indeed very relaxing and they are the only music i can play while i sleep. thank you for sharing you talent with us! God bless you.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your support. Piano Spa 4 will be released tentatively in April. This time, I will be collaborating with another composer to provide the signature relaxing music for your enjoyment. Watch for it!

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