I’ve put a sale post on a mobile phone forum few weeks back to sell my M600i. No reply.

Then early this week, I decided to put on facebook Marketplace. Within an hour, I got 4 genuine offers. For the next few days, I got a handful more.

I’m sold on the facebook hype. Really. I even told my wife to blog on facebook instead of Blogspot since friends will get updates via the facebook profile effectively.

If you want to sell something that appeals to the young, do it on facebook.

This morning, I did a photoshoot with 6 girls. It’s the one that got postponed a few weeks back due to the rain. This is the first time I am doing a group shoot project and it is really exciting. We went to their JC, with them all donned in JC uniform. Then went to Raffles Place to capture them in office attire. Then to the Esplanade with convocation gown, and finally to their favourite restaurant for some casual shoots. That practically covers their journey of youth.

Now I am literally toast from the sun. Just hope that my skin doesn’t go into some severe reactions.

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