I wanted to find the fastest way to get back home from the CBD. But after analysing the street directory, it seems impossible to find that perfect route. I reckon there are 10,000 other motorists who thinks like me, and they would have tried and taken what they felt is the ‘fastest’ route. But when more motorists take that route, it no longer becomes the fastest.

In the end, the most direct way to get back home is, unfortunately, via the ERP-laden CTE.


  1. I agree very much, even in public transport… when I go home from school I do not know which bus to take because I am afraid there might be a jam along the route; when I cab I don’t know which way to ask the uncle to take because it will jam in the most unexpected places. What is supposed to be the fastest and shortest route (assuming it is empty) turns out to be the stalemate :S

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