Funny, time seems to pass by slower when I own a car.

My car is just reach 3 weeks old today but it felt like a long time. I’ve went past 800km on the odometer, and soon I can go for my free 1000km servicing. The body has some irremovable battle scars thanks to bird droppings, and I wished I could send the car for another round of re-glossing at Tuff Kote to remove the stains (but costs $60).

Perhaps it’s because I spend less time waiting for public transport. Or perhaps I spend more time stuck in traffic jams.

Having the car has advantages. I’ll be kidding myself if I think otherwise.

During last Saturday’s photoshoot, I did not drive the car because I proposed they take public transport so that I can capture some shots of them. So I took the cab from my house. And I had to wait 15 minutes to get one. When I got in the cab, I chatted with the driver and he said that cab drivers no longer start their shift early because there is no surcharge and most companies implement 5-day work week. So, I thought, getting a car now has been a right decision.

Then that same afternoon, I drove to the Sony Ericsson M600i buyer’s house to sell him the phone.

Then on Monday, Angie told me her mum left some groceries at her house, so we drove there after work to pick it up.

Then yesterday, we drove the car after dinner to the MacLaren TechnoXT buyer to sell her the stroller.

Still, I strongly feel that driving to work is unnecessary, because the peak hour traffic and the ERP charges are simply unjustifiable. However, when I saw how bird droppings and fruit saps ruin the car body, I have to think again leaving my car at my car park for long term.

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