Being a first-time car owner, I finally appreciate all the fuss that my parents used to go through in the morning while at the car. I remember my parents carrying a bottle of water to wet the car and to wipe clean before leaving the car park, and I would sit in the car waiting impatiently for them to get over and done with.

Fast-forward 15 years later, I found myself almost having to do the same thing. Almost, because, I eventually did not.

Unless you park at a sheltered indoor lot, it is impossible to upkeep the car to its tip top condition without allocating time for it. For instance, every morning, you would have to wash the car to remove bird droppings, tree saps, tree flowers, pollen and leaves, condensation, rain watermarks.

So, despite sending the car for paint protection (PPS), you still need to wash the car with at least water. If you don’t, no one will guarantee your car will remain shiny. And frankly, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spend more time than I could imagine. But in your heart, no matter how care less you want to spend on your car, how could you bear to ruin such an expensive piece of metal? I was thinking: what if I really don’t care about the car, would the paint work be really irreversibly ruined by watermarks, bird droppings, tree saps?

So I guess there is no way to run from the fact. A car, like your house, needs to be maintained, no matter if it’s black or white or any other colour.

Took me less than a month to realise that. Not bad.

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