It’s more well-designed than I had thought.

When I initially saw the product announcement, I wasn’t very impressed with the look, and the keyboard which follows the M600i instead of the previous P-series. The M600i is totally plastic all around the casing.

Not P1i. It has brushed-aluminum around the frame, and a rubber backing much like T68. The speaker is hidden stylishly on top of the camera lens behind a metal bar. The sides employ glossy black plastic that is prone to fingerprints. Buttons like power and camera are in silver while the rest are blended in the same black tone. Its LED indicator is placed below the phone near to the port connector, another unique feature that my wife likes. The keyboard is easier to press than the M600i.

While taking some shots of the M600i which I am trying to sell on the Internet, I can’t resist taking some snaps on the P1i.

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