For the past few Sunday evenings, Mayenne would be out with us for dinner. She would be a good baby with little fuss.

For the past 2 Sunday evenings, once we got back home, she would start wailing and crying for a good 30 minutes, sometimes longer.

I have a few explanations:

1. She realises that her outing is over and so she cries for more.
2. She is colicky – only after an outing.
3. She gets traumatised during her outing (too much stimulants?) and only lets out her anger/anxiety/sadness when she returns to a familiar environment, a.k.a. home.

We’ll have to monitor the situation in order to pinpoint the real cause.

Meanwhile, she has already managed to flip to her tummy on her own, and she can lift up her head very well on her tummy. It’s so heartening to see baby grow and learn new things, but it also brings sadness, because, with each passing day, as she learns new things and grows into a better person, she leaves behind moments that we can only relive in our memories.

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