September has begun. And so will Angie’s work. It’s been a beautiful experience for all of us. Priorities change and re-balanced with other commitments.

It will be hard on Mayenne’s mother. After going through 3 months of dedicated care for baby, she will have to return to the workforce and again try to adjust to a new routine. We are so blessed that her mum is going to help us care for Mayenne on weekdays.

Mayenne is no longer as difficult to manage. She has learnt to shout (not cry) for attention, to blabber non-stop, to look at things around her. One thing we still cannot handle with precision is her feeding needs. It’s still as before: sometimes when she cries and we try to feed her, she would reject the bottle but after coaxing, she would drink and finish the feed. We are worried that we might misinterpret her signals on either ways, ending up either overfeeding her or starving her. She now cries only for 2 reason: either she is hungry or she is trying to sleep.

But nothing else matters but seeing her laugh and play and enjoying life. More proof of her days of fun.

Attempting a ballet pose

Hanging on to papa’s fingers

Another of her contemplative moods, taking after daddy

Already learning to advocate “world peace”

Always watching out for the camera

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