Today went to Alpine Motor to pay for the balance of the car. Had a long chit chat with the sales guy, Dex. After the car prices went up this round, sales plummeted. He said the next round COE is expected to go even higher due to a high number of unsuccessful bidders. I’m so glad we caught the wave at the right moment. This is even better than when COE prices were at the constant low, because we paid the car at a low expected COE price and got the COE at almost $10000. Like Dex said, effectively there won’t be depreciation in value for the first year.

I told him my aunt expressed interest in the Chevy Aveo, which is at the current price, factoring the higher COE, more expensive than what I paid for the Optra. He did mention however that Alpine offers rewards to Chevy owners who refer new buyers. So if you guys out there are already interested in Chevy, tell the car dealer you heard it from me.

Spent a great deal of time with Mayenne this weekend. Good thing she wasn’t as cranky, with the exception (and still the problem) of feed time. I so enjoy carrying her and singing her silly-lyric nursery tunes to coax her to sleep. How silly? Here’s a few examples:

(to the tune of Twinkle Star)
Baby 快点睡觉觉

(to the tune of 客人来)
睡觉觉 睡觉觉
Baby 快睡觉

Sometimes she would stare at me quietly with those pretty eyes as if mesmerised by my singing.

I just found a trick to make her behave herself. Every time when I saw her doing some funny antics, I would take out the video cam and tried to film it down. But very often, she would stop what she did and became docile. So what I did was to put the video camera on tripod to film her so that she doesn’t get bothered. Interestingly, she would still be very conscious of the device place at about a metre away and would stare at it. So instead of rolling the camera, I turned it off and left the room. Peace prevailed. She still moved her limbs violently, but minus the screamings.

Mummy says ‘bye bye’ to Baby before she goes to work

Trying to drink her milk (after much coaxing)

Trying to get her to push herself up

Beautiful feet

Combing her limited strands of hair

The standard look when trying to feed her

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