Nowadays I am quite consumed with things about cars, something that I never expect myself doing since I obtained a driving license. Cars, to me, are transportation tools.

But ever since I decided to get a car, I had to research on car models, trying to learn them, understanding the technical jargons, looking out for features and functions, worried about tyres brands and rims sizes, racking the brains on the car colour, finding out where to apply PPS (paint protection system) on the car, which solar film is better.

What I want to achieve is simply, to get the best deal out of the $50+k and to make the car a safe and comfortable place for my family.

Sometimes I wonder, after spending all the effort in getting a car, it’s kind of a waste to leave it at home for 5 days every week and just to use it on weekends.

At this point, did you go “Huh? Why pay full road-tax if you only want to use it during off-peak?”

As my colleague pointed out, it’s not just the weekends. During annual leave, you would want to use it. During some special days, you might want to drive to work. Since you have spent $50+k on a car, why save that $17,000 OPC rebate which is 30% of the car when you end up not able to use the car 5.5/7 (78%) of the time (Saturdays can only use after 3pm, so that’s 5.5 days)?

Anyway, leaving the car at home and travel to work via public transport is far cheaper than driving, and I’m talking only on the variable costs like petrol, ERP, car park charges.

But back to the thought, it is a waste to leave it at home on weekdays after all the effort to get that precious piece of hardware. In fact, the car is about to be the most expensive fixed asset after the HDB flat. Like another colleague says, use it or not, the car will depreciate, so why not make the best use of it?

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