I just joined ONE.MOTORING, a one-stop portal for motorists. They had a contest open to members who post at least once on the forum. The last day of the contest was yesterday, so I made one forum entry just for the sake of hoping to win the contest.

At 6pm, I received an email, informing me that I have indeed won the contest – a pair of tickets to a movie preview. I had to collect the tickets from the organiser’s office. The address? International Business Park, located at Jurong East, a good distance from the nearest MRT station.

I wonder how many people would actually drive there to collect a prize worth $19. And I bet that they are only open during office hours, which means either you drive there during lunch (and I won’t be surprised if they are closed during lunch) or you are a road warrior who can make detours during office hours in between destinations.

I won’t blame them for the arrangement. I mean, the company can’t help that they are located at some corner of the island. But they could offer the following:

a. post the tickets to the winner’s address
b. arrange to collect at the box office

Immediately after receiving the email, I asked them for their opening hours via email. Till now I have not received any reply. Actually, regardless of the response, I won’t be bothered to collect the tickets. It just gives me another thing to mock at them.

Besides, the preview screening is on next Tuesday, so it’s either I collect today (no chance) or Monday whole day or Tuesday morning. I seriously wonder whether organisers do this kind of arrangement on purpose. The advantage for them is that if winners find it too troublesome to collect the prizes, the company can enjoy it themselves. After all, they have achieved the objective or getting more responses to whatever they are trying to promote. But I’m sure they don’t do that on purpose. Maybe their mindset is: since we give them for free, I’m sure they would take the trouble to come to our office to collect it.

Sometimes I wonder whether I am asking too much (I mean, I WON the contest, what more can I ask? Go collect the prize!).

There was this other online community I joined months back, and they too offered freebies to the first x hundred sign-ups. The catch: you have to go to some inaccessible industrial park to collect the gifts. Forumers actually went online to ask what the freebies were to determine whether it was worth the trouble to collect it. Needless to say, not many people actually do.

So, say if I were to re-write this post all over again, it would probably go like this:

Yeah! I won a contest organised by ONE.MOTORING. It’s a movie preview next Tuesday. I’m so lucky!

But… the place to collect the price is so out of place, I don’t think I can spare the time to travel there and collect it. I’m so unlucky!

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