Mayenne has breathed 3 full months of Earth’s air.

Today we brought her to the PD for more injections. We found that she is slightly heavier for her age (6.3kg, 75th percentile) while height is within the 50th percentile (60cm). It seems we have been feeding her about 900ml, while the average volume should be 800ml. Doc says that infants do not need more than 1000ml a day for the first few years.

And Mayenne received 2 injections in a span of 1 minute! I must say she handled it very well, and stopped crying after a brief moment. I enjoyed watching the process so much that I’ve decided to share the video clip with you. For the first time, I hereby post an original video clip filmed by yours truly.

Here’s some pics of her outing today.

Enjoying her brand new stroller

Nap with style

Happy moment (before the needle)

Incidentally, Angie decided to buy a new Aprica stroller ‘cos she felt that the Maclaren is simply too heavy and bulky for ease of operation. Although I’d prefer the tougher-make Maclaren, I do understand her intentions. Indeed, the Aprica is lighter and makes the stroller an easier part of our excursion. I did recall what hassle it was just to have the thought of going out with the Maclaren stroller. Having said that, Maclaren is definitely a safer and sturdier stroller, and if anyone of you would like a great condition low-usage stroller, email me.

As much as Angie wanted to hide, you have to admit that Mayenne looks so much like a boy. That, despite dressing her up in pink from head to toe, no one could tell she was a girl. And everyone said she looked like me. Here’s the proof (snapped from my antique baby photo album).


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