Some things grow with you. Some things grow in you.

The Nikon D70 is my first digital SLR after I gave up SLR photography for a good 6 years. It helped me re-establish my interest in capturing images. The biggest difference, in my opinion, between compact cameras and the DSLR is the speed of capturing the image. DSLR is near instantaneous. Anything else lets you wait for several hundred milliseconds – an eternity in photographic terms.

But technology is merciless. Every passing day, new gadgets are invented, smaller and more feature-packed than the predecessors, forcing old-timers into obsolescence.

D70 is just one of the victims.

I have been actively trading and supporting second-hand market by buying and selling used products for many years. It’s one way of extending the usable life of the goods, to find another person who finds worth to the used item, instead of dumping them and adding waste to our planet.

My wife is also recently infected by my buy-sell mentality: she has posted one some mother forums to sell off the Maclaren stroller. In case you are wondering, the stroller is solid, but to her, it’s too heavy and cumbersome. It’s like a continental car: solid body work but heavy and high fuel consumption. So on Friday we bought Mayenne a new Japanese ‘car’: an Aprica stroller from the Takashimaya baby fair. It’s lightweight and easier to operate. Any takers for Maclaren Techno XT?

I also have loads of black plastic clothes-hangers accumulated from the laundry. I wanted to return to the laundry shop, but the owner said he would not offer any rebates, so I decided to leave it at the void deck of my house, at least some rag-and-bone man might find it useful.

OK, it sounds like as if I have gone off-track from my post, but the underlying story is: recycle

Anyway, yah, the D70 has grown with me over the years. It has helped me capture images that people love. The D70 has grow in me, an instrument to help me establish and develop my photographic styles.

Just an hour ago, I sold the D70 to someone.

It’s sad to see it go, but I’m glad it has found another owner who finds value in it. And I hope the cam will continue to function in its best condition for many moments to come.


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