Yesterday I bought a set of wireless keyboard and mouse. Miss those days when I could type by placing my keyboard on my lap. Used to have this Philips-brand infra-red keyboard that was so fun to use. But it died on me 2 years later and I never got another wireless keyboard due to price and practicality.

Then almost 10 years later, I got this RF wireless keyboard-mouse, and technology has really advanced with radio frequency (instead of line-of-sight). The connectivity is more reliable and feels no different from a wired device – except the need for batteries. The ergonomically-shaped mouse uses Microsoft’s infrared laser that is invisible unlike the usual red-light optical mouse.

What I like about the keyboard is the numerous programmable hardware keys. Now I have dedicated buttons to do actions like ‘close’, ‘exit’, ‘copy’, ‘paste’ so I don’t even have to move my mouse press [ALT]-whatever. It also comes with multimedia buttons and 5 programmable favourite keys to set anything: file, folder, URL, program.

The keyboard-mouse set I bought is actually on offer, in fact, the last piece in the shop, selling at a $40 discount. Coincidentally, it’s in grey colour, which matches my computer table. What I like about this ‘dated’ model is that it supports the normal PS/2 ports instead of USB. As my KVM (a toggle device that allows me to share my keyboard, video and mouse between 2 PCs) uses the legacy connections, this dated model works better for me. I’m also still trying to get used to the wavey keyboard layout, because some of the keys are larger and the placement is different from the normal keyboard. It’s probably good for typists who types the correct way, but for the new generations who uses lesser fingers to type, it needs getting used to. Finally, some keys on this old model’s keyboard is not place the same.

I was supposed to buy this keyboard-mouse combo at Comex, and my colleagues were on their way driving to Suntec. But we gave up because all the carparks including the Marina Square and Milena Walk were full. We ended up at Funan Centre and that’s where I found this deal.

And why did I want to change my keyboard and mouse? Because firstly, my 8-month old Logitec low-end basic keyboard is a lousy piece of shit. The keys markings have come off and some of the keys are no longer smooth, hampering my typing efficiency. The mouse’s working fine, but the plastic is coated with a paint which has come off, revealing an awful black-tar-looking mark (sometimes I wonder is it because my fingers emit so much heat that the plastic got ‘burnt’. Actually, my colleague was using this Microsoft wireless mouse and I was impressed with the response and ergonomics, and especially the silent scroll wheel, without that annoying ‘click-click’ sounds!

OK, I survived typing one whole post on this new keyboard. Tata!

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