Mayenne is looking more and more like a boy. Some relative told us that if the first baby girl looks like a boy, then the second one will most likely to be one.

We celebrated National Day yesterday my Mum’s brother (Uncle Robert) house. Everyone wore red and white.

Here’s some adorable images of Mayenne. We managed to get her into a routine and thus it’s easier to manage her, for now. We still can’t figure out the feeding fuss: whenever we try to feed her, she would struggle and cry. Sometimes, we managed to get past that and she drinks fine. Sometimes, she would continue to wail and tried to push away the bottle as if she doesn’t want to drink, although it seems that it is feeding time. Our only worry is that we might misinterpret her signs and inadvertently starve her. Funny thing is, whenever we put her up on the sitting position, she would instantly stop crying. It is apparent that she is showing signs of throwing tantrums.

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