… for Princess Mayenne.

She got cranky again. Now she cannot sleep unless being carried. And even after we put her on the bed, she would get upset. Even the feeds are hit-and-miss: she would cry for milk but when we gave her, she would refuse, not because she isn’t hungry, but she was unwell. After another attempt, she would take it hurriedly.

Mum and Dad came over and spent the entire Sunday afternoon with Mayenne. Mum probably spent the longest time with Mayenne in a row, and it’s good of her to see how Mayenne really behaves (and whether she can keep up with the stamina of babysitting).

Here are some happy images of her, a false impression that she’s a happy easy baby to care. Despite, we are just glad that things are still within our control. The irony is that as much as we want her to start talking quickly, we would definitely miss the times when she’s always in our arms. For when she learns to talk and walk and run, the next stage of childcare will take place.

We love you, Mayenne.


  1. “Here are some happy images of her, a false impression that she’s a happy easy baby to care.” That was the funniest line today ! Ha!Ha! Ha!

    Jokes aside though, what you’re going through as a new father is not easy. It must take a whole lot of patience and stamina to take care of your little girl. It’s a truly full-time responsibility. I salute you, Chester Tan, for whatever you have done in your fatherly capacity so far.

    Have you tried using music to soothe her ? If you keep trying with various genres, who knows, you might just find the type that would work for her. Then … VOILA !! You can use it everytime she gets cranky.

    Remember you mentioned that there was once when she just fell asleep on your lap while you surfed the internet ? Think about it … could there have been some reason for that ? Why don’t you try various methods to see which work most of the time ? Let your imagination flow like it does in your music !!

    Update your findings for us to read, won’t you ? Meantime, take heart …… parents going through what you are going through now totally empathise with you.

    All the Best in your Ongoing Effort in being a father to your cute little girl.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your advise! I should have spent more time experimenting with her. Despite being a musician myself, I have not deployed any extensive music therapy on her (although she did react positively to my Piano Spa, as mentioned in one of my old posts). One of the reasons why I didn’t use music often is that we always seem to be able to soothe her by carrying her, so we felt that her discomfort is not psychological by physiological (i.e. want to be held, want to feel secure). Yes, I also play music occasionally but to me that’s not the primary soothing method, which is why I didn’t mention a lot in my posts. So fact is: music does help!

  3. Thanks for your response to my “advice”. Yes, I totally understand why Mayenne responds to being carried, because of the warmth and security the closeness provides.

    However, since she did react positively to your Piano Spa, here’s an idea ; perhaps you can gradually and subtly “condition” her by always playing a piece from your album while you carry and cradle her in your arms. If you do it regularly, she’ll learn to associate the comforting feeling with the music. As time goes on, you can occasionally try to play the music without carrying her and see how she reacts. Substitute carrying with stroking her forehead and stroking/patting her chest while speaking lovingly to her as you would when you were carrying her. At least, she would still feel the human touch and warmth that you want her to associate with the music that she hears.

    At first, you might still need to carry her eventually, but with perseverance at this conditioning technique, you may hopefully find that the stroking/patting would slowly but surely replace carrying. Then one day, to your relief, all you need to do is play the music and maybe speak to her or touch her lightly, and she would be soothed !!!

    Sounds worth a try ?? Ha ha ! Please let me know if this psychological method of very gently weaning her, works or not !

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