Today I received 3 calls from 3 separate car sales agents. First from Toyota, which I test-drove on 9 Aug. Second from Suzuki, which I test-drove last week. Third from Chevrolet, which I already booked. Coincidence? Well, it’s 3 days till the end of the calendar month.

When I told my colleagues about Mr. Toyota, they were shocked, because they said Toyota sales people never bothered to follow-up calls, because their sales are so good. So I suppose the 7th Lunar month is driving them hungry to meet their quota.

As for Mr. Chevy, he told me that he wanted to offer the Cat E COE (paper value is higher than the current Cat A) which means I can immediately register the car and get it on the roads within a few days. He was even willing to drop by my house in the evening to complete the paperwork. Condition is that I have to register the car by end of this week. Again, my colleagues wowed at such personalised service.

However, after consulting my geomancer-uncle, I had to decline Mr. Chevy’s offer and had to wait till the 7th month is over, which is from 11 Sep onwards.

Despite not able to help him meet his monthly quota, I hope this incident won’t reduce his service level, and I hope he would continue to offer his good services to me.

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