My dearest wife has finally started her very own blog. She did mention that she wanted to keep her blog private, but, well, it’s too good to hide it from the world. Besides, it’s not as if my blog has lots of readership.

Anyway, it’ll be quite interesting to see how our articles look like. I mean, reading the same incident from 2 different perspectives would be a unique experience.

She did tell me that my blog seems to portray Mayenne in a rather bad light. But to me, it’s true. Because I only got to spend so little time with her, and these times are mostly punctuated with cranky behaviour. But I do know that she is having some great time with her during the day time. And I really do appreciate her mum (my mother-in-law) for sacrifising her retirement time by taking care of Mayenne.

I was telling my good friend colleague that by having Angie’s mum to take care of our child would make Angie’s life better. Because it is after all her own mum, so there is less barrier in communication.

Now that Angie’s maternity leave is coming to an end, it spells a new routine for us. To her, it’s back to work which would take getting used to. To me, it’s no more home-cooked food and no more homely welcome everytime I get home. And it’s back to household chores too.

But I like changes. It gives me excuses to do things differently.

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