I was driving my parent’s car this weekend to my wife’s friend’s baby’s first month party. Looking at all the vehicles on the expressway made me wonder how much petrol was used to run each and every of these machines. Every single vehicle that runs on the road consumes petroleum extracted from the planet, and in return, the vehicles generate gaseous waste from the exhaust pipes and loads of heat from the engines.

I really look forward to the day when we have electric-powered vehicles, although the effect is nowhere different: electricity is produced by natural gas. But it’s a small step. Hopefully we take bigger steps, before the world sinks into darkness.

I imagine the Earth is like the surface of a human body, and we humans are like lice or fleas or bacteria living on the surface of our skin. Lice suck the blood below the skin to feed, fleas feed on dead skins. And humans rid of these parasites and bacteria by taking regular showers and wash the body with soap, and keep the body dry by applying powder and other anti-septic products.

Likewise, Earth rids her parasites by using weather and climate. We should be thankful that the weather is acting up, for Earth is trying her best to ensure that the environment continues to be habitable on the whole. Imagine if Earth stops “weathering”, there would be no clouds, the ozone will be destroyed faster, the earth heats up, plants die, rivers dry up, animals die. Humans run out of food and we also die.

So it seems the dark scenes depicted in sci-fi movies aren’t too far off, after all.

Good luck, humans.

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