Mayenne now enters her third month since birth. She was quite a terror over the weekend, and we can’t figure out why. She refused to eat much, and she wails pitifully. Sometimes, cradling works, but at times, she would make the kind of cries that sound painful, desperate, and helpless. She’s still letting out gas frequently, but the doc says it’s better than getting the air all trapped in her tummy. She’s probably colic, but we’re glad he had it under some form of control unlike some horror stories we heard where babies cry the whole night. Then again, 2 months is not a long enough time to assure if Mayenne won’t take this path.

Wife told me that Mayenne loves to do 2 types of poses. She and her mum calls them the ‘Ultraman’ pose and the ‘Superman’ pose – no need for me to tell you exactly what she did with her hands.

I really do understand now how a parent feels about bringing up the children. It gives us a sense of achievement to see our child grow day by day, learning new things, responding to the love that we shower her.

She’s learnt to look at the camera

She also loves playing her hair, rub her face, exploring with her hands.

Today I went to test drive the Mitsubishi Colt Plus. Personally, I preferred the feel of the Nissan Latio. I think Colt is more of a driver’s car, where performance matters. Although I like Colt for its flexible seating configuration, I prefer Latio for the generous seating space and the smoothness of the ride. I’m also quite interested in the Chevrolet Optra, but most car-owner friends advised against it due to its origins. As my parents own the Opel Astra, I know well the advantages of a Continental car. I guess a test drive will put all comments to rest.

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