10 minutes ago I was just saying hi to Kevin Dejiang on MSN, and he told me that he was hosting radio, so I decided to tune in to the radio on Internet and told him about it. Moments later, he mentioned my name on air! Haha!

I think deejays now are more fun due to the accessibility of WWW in the broadcast studio.

To listen to 97.2FM ‘live’, visit http://www.love972.sg/

Speaking of communication, I found out a free software to install on your mobile phone to enable voice-over IP (VoIP)! It’s called http://www.fring.com

Now with fring, my P990i can make and receive voice calls via VoIP, something that only the upcoming P1i can provide.

The software only supports selected handsets, so visit and see if your phone is supported. It’s still in beta stage so do expect bugs.

If you, like me, signed up for pfingo, a local VoIP service (currently on free trial), you can configure fring to let you make and receive local calls around the world! For configuration instructions, visit this forum post:

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