Every time someone calls Mayenne “Little Girl”, I am reminded of Kevin’s latest single. A pity it has nothing to do with a little baby girl, but about grown-up relationships, which is kind of mature. If only my albums (or singles) are so cheap, I would gladly give them away freely to friends. I mean, $3.90 is even cheaper than branded greeting cards. And even it’s not my album, I’m glad my creative works are part of the album, and I won’t hesitate to encourage people to buy the single. For all the hard work we put in to produce the album, the price you pay is really incomparably cheap.

Anyway, today Mayenne is a busy little girl. She attended 2 birthday parties. The first one is her cousin’s 1-year-old lunch party. Her cousin, Edison, is Angie’s Mum’s sister’s daughter’s son. They put in a lot of effort to decorate the house with banners and balloons and posters.

Little Mayenne got an ang pow from the house owner

Elaborate birthday cake. Pooh’s head, anyone?

Snap the cake before it’s history!

The second one is my Dad’s 60th birthday dinner. His actual day is in a few days time. We celebrated at our usual haunt, Beng Hiang Restaurant at Amoy Street. We probably been there for over 20 times for the past decade, and every time we’re there, we ate almost the same dishes.

An aptly-designed ang pow paper. Each circle bears the name of the giver.

Mayenne is once again teased by her “evil” grand-aunties


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