I never thought I would have to resort to this…

I mean, getting a car of my own.

I’m never an advocate for car ownership, even though I was brought up with a family car all along. Despite, I was trained to take public transport, and my parents were never a chauffeur in any way. I learned and loved public transport. I carried a bus guide and studied it to find the fastest way to get from A to B. Till now, I still have that instinct to travel from one place to another by hopping on buses.

But over time, I switched to taxis on most occasions, because taxis save me time. I could spend 1 hour on a $1.40 bus ride, or I could spend $10 on a 15-min taxi ride.

And after procrastinating years against owning a car, I might well be on my way to getting one.

For a start, today I went for a test drive at Nissan showroom at Ubi. My colleague, Jeff, was to collect his Latio after replacing his rear bumper. So I took the Latio Sports 4AT for a ride. I’m not a car person, but I like the feel of the ride. That’s all I can say. Some cars make you feel unsafe, while some cars make you feel like you are in control. Latio gives me that feeling, so I’d say it’s a good car.

Everyone has their opinions on which cars to get, so it’s really a tough choice. When I decided on Vios, someone told me it’s crap. Then I thought of Jazz, then another said it’s a dated model. And I was considering Colt Plus, but my brother-in-law said the engine is not reliable (his Lancer broke down within a year). As for Latio, my wife didn’t fancy the sedan while the hatchback is not worth the price. Continental cars no doubt are tough body but low resale value. Korean cars aren’t good at road-handling.

But thanks to Elvin my uncle and financial adviser, I have a formula to calculate the annual depreciation of a car, be it resale or brand new, and decide on whether the price is worth.


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