Before I start, I have to show you this funny video clip, Bollywood ‘Thriller’ with English phonetic subtitles! What do I mean? Just watch! It’s ingenious, they even have my name in it!

After 2 months of planning, I finally watched TRANSFORMERS with good friends Kevin and Jon together with their spouses on Sat. As usual, Jon was late and indirectly caused us to miss the first few minutes of Prime’s story-telling and opening credits – indirect because we spent a few minutes queuing for popcorns when we could have headed straight in for the movie. Anyway, we watched at AMK Jubilee which screens in 2K Digital format, and it’s offering ticket discounts in order to compete with AMK Hub’s Cathay cineplexes. Whatever, we consumers benefit.

It is a dream come true to see TRANSFORMERS as real as it gets, and I think any non-TF fan would be totally blown away with alien robots that transforms into ordinary vehicles and can do fancy moves. But true fans would not be too excited with the total changes in the looks from the original series. I, for one, is not totally satisfied with the movie. Too much human elements, and too Michael-Bay cinematography. I think I get more gratification from watching true-to-original movies like Frank Miller’s Sin City, 300, or perhaps to a certain degree Spider-Man and X-Men (can you imagine Spider-Man in a differently-designed costume, or Wolverine with a different hair-style? That’s what I mean.)
Photo taken after the movie. Jon and I wore TRANSFORMERS-related T-shirts bought in Bangkok.

Mayenne had her first outing since the first month celebration – to the doctor’s. On Friday, we administered the second Hep-B shot. She was wailing when the injection was given, but stopped moments after it was over. Brave girl.

“Overdressed, don’t you think?”

On Sunday, we went to my mum’s mum house (sorry have to use this roundabout way to differentiate the various grannies that I have). Once again, she was behaving fine outside, but back home, she’s a tough one to put to sleep.

Today is also the first day of many things: GST increase to 7%, ban smoking in pubs, NETS admin fee increase. We were shopping for a bed frame for Angie’s mum who is staying over at our place quite frequently. The shop staff already forewarned us that besides the 2% increase, the distributors are also increasing the factory price, so the net increase will be more than 2%. Despite, we ended up not buying anything. I personally don’t believe the increase will affect the price a lot, for in the long run, retailers will absorb the GST by rounding the prices. Only in selected retailers did they specify price before GST. Also, competition and economies of scale will push the price down.

Mayenne continues to grow well, but like any newborn, she needs attention and care to make her comfortable. And like any parent, I am experiencing some wonderful moments with her, watching her, holding her, smelling her, embracing her. Thanks for all your kind comments and suggestions regarding our baby care challenges.

She doesn’t like to be laid on her tummy, but I do!

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