After I started searching actively for a car of my own, I began to notice so much more car-related stuffs. Like I spot a car on the road, when I walked across car parks, or when I was driving (my dad’s car) I’ll look at the make and model. I also noticed more on the dashboard when driving my dad’s car, watching for the RPM and how the gear-change response, etc.

Friday evening was my company’s dinner and dance at Raffles City, and it reminded me of the traffic conditions in Singapore and why I had always disliked driving. I took the CTE route and the Havelock exit was jammed for 10 minutes. After I exited, I was unable to keep left to turn at Eu Tong Sen street, so I took the roundabout way towards Collyer Quay and past the Padang. When I reached the junction at Raffles City, I realised that there was a long queue at the car park entrance. I tried to squeeze in the queue, and was nearly at the turn-in to the entrance. After realising thare are only 8 lots and a long queue, I decided to give up and turn out and move straight. As I wonder where I should park, I suddenly thought of parking at Funan Centre. After a quick lane-changing to the left and a few kind motorists who gave way, I found an easy lot at Funan without effort. What’s more, parking was $2.10 per entry after 5pm.

D&D was fantastic, one of the best I’ve been. This is because of the great hosts, Justin and The Flying Dutchman. This year, the games are less derogatory and the Top-1o lucky draw was split into 2 parts.

On weekends, Angie’s mum doesn’t help in babysitting Mayenne, and she deserved the break. Thanks to her, Angie is able to cope in the baby care. So on weekends, I have to do the caring, and that’s expected. Weekends are the only times I can have proper interaction with baby, ‘coz in weekdays, she would be either cranky (which I leave to the ‘experts’ to calm her) or she’s sleeping (with which I am unable to play with her). So unlike the past when I have full concentration to do my stuff, weekends are mostly baby business.

Remember I told you about Mayenne’s favourite poses, the “Superman” and “Ultraman” poses? Today she showed me the “Bruce Lee” pose. Somewhat variant to the above, depends on how you see it. To prove that it wasn’t a fluke pose, I’ve done a montage of 30 photos showing her “poise”. Here’s Mayenne and her newfound pose.

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