I’ve generally enjoyed the privilege of having a unique English name. My first brush with my namesake was in secondary school, when I found out there’s a “Chester Lee” from the same grade but different class. Occasionally I would find my name being mentioned in pop culture (movies, books), but that’s fiction.

Basically, I never experienced being mistaken for another person with the same name, since secondary school. That is, until 18 years later, in recent months, in my office, another “Chester” appeared. As his surname is Koo, his name appears before mine and so if someone were to send an email and typed “Chester”, the email will show his name before mine. And if the sender did not check, the other Chester will receive emails meant for me.

Eventually, this mistake is extended to telephone conversations. This morning, I received a call from another department and the person started blabbering some questions that was clearly out of my job scope. So I asked if he was looking for the other “Chester” from another department. Bingo.

Anyway, one of my friends asked me how come there wasn’t much updates on my baby girl. Well, nothing’s happening much, except crying, eating , sleeping, and GROWING. Yes indeed, the only evidence of her growing is how the clothes fit on her. During her first weeks, we were complaining how the clothes were so baggy and ill-fitted. Yesterday, my wife made me realise that the clothes now fit better and are probably not going to fit any longer. And although I’ve been snapping photos regularly, I have not been processing the files. So this evening I was reviewing the photos and, my, indeed she has grown. Comparatively, she looked thin and scrawny during the first month, but now she’s meaty and chubby!

We also found that her head shape is quite asymmetrical. She has this very obvious protrusion on her back-left area, and is probably because she loves to rest her head on her right side. Not sure if she will naturally out-grow this imbalance but we’re not taking any chances and will make her sleep on her left side more often. Hopefully, she’ll thank us for that when she grows up.

20 Jun 2007

6 July 2007. Can you see the growth difference?

9 July 2007. I think she is trying to say ‘no photographs, please’

12 July 2007. She’s a natural poser. In the above photos, her head always faces the right. For this photo, we started making her sleep on her left.

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