I was meant to write this post at 5pm, but I have been trying to pacify baby. Only one thing to say: SHE DOESN’T SLEEP.

I just read somewhere that babies doesn’t know how to sleep. They need someone to put them to sleep. So the idea of ‘playing with her until she gets tired’ doesn’t work. If she’s tired and can’t fall asleep, that’ll crank her up.

Feeding helps, but not for long. She seems to have a big appetite, and she seemed to be dozing off and ready to sleep. But after 15 minutes, she’s back up again, moving her limbs vigorously, garnering all her energy and ready for another… loud… WAIL!

So now 11pm, I gave up, and handed the ‘baton’ to wifey. She’s still putting her to sleep, not crying anymore, but not keeping her eyes shut as well. She told me it’s probably the way I cradled baby. I’m sorry I don’t have soft-padded chests for her to rest on comfortably. Maybe that’s why dads don’t make good baby-rockers. Sorry if I sounded sarcastic, for I am really very flustered now.

Now, back to blogging, as you know, today is 7th July 2007. Three sevens on the date. 7/7/7. And today, the world sings around the clock for the “Live Earth” event, in a bid to save Earth. I was wondering: aren’t they wasting more resources with the event? Like electricity, backdrop, publicity papers, even disposable drinking bottles the audiences took.

And talking about saving the earth, we are advised to use less plastic bags. At NTUC Fairprice, every first Wednesday of the month is ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ day. And so happened I was there to buy diapers and stuff, it caught me by surprise – not. Fortunately, I always brought a few plastic bags with me, so I took it out to hold the purchases. The only problem: the bags are from Cold Storage, the adversary of NTUC Fairprice. Haha.

Sometimes, I wonder if the retailers want consumers to ‘bring their own bag’. Imagine shopping at Robinsons, then at the counter, you told the cashier that you have your own bag. And then you took out a large and loud and retro Isetan-design paper bag. So as you walk out of the store, people thought you bought great stuffs from Isetan. I mean, why else would retailers print their own paper bags, but to let shoppers be the walking advertiser?

Apart from being environmentally-aware… wait… didn’t Mediacorp appeal to the public to wear green today? Frankly, I didn’t notice anyone doing that. Well, if Singaporeans have the thought to wear red on National Day, why aren’t they wearing green for Earth? Without Earth, there would be no Singapore.

Apart from being environmentally-unaware, 7/7/7 is an auspicious day – indeed – for 777 couples to register for marriage (official figure as printed on the Straits Times today), and not to count the hundreds who are carrying out their customary marriage today. The probability of seeing a wedding car or a wedding couple on the road is 100%. I know, because I did see one today, so that makes the probability 100% already.

And while millions of people are making a cause to save Earth, other millions of people are merrying away with chicken and fish and prawns and vegetables and all life that Earth gives. Me? I ate some parts of a pig and prawns (wanton mee) and some parts of a cow (beef rice) and vegetables and flour. And emitted carbon monoxide (drove my dad’s car to shop at IKEA). And wasted paper (IKEA packaging and receipts) and plastic (packet food). That’s my contribution of damage for Earth for the day.

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