My colleague, Ching Wei, has always been quite irritated with people who use tissue paper pack to reserve seats in food courts. He joked that he’ll teach someone a lesson some day.

“Some day” is today.

We went to SingTel Comcentre canteen at Killiney Road for lunch. He got his food first so he went to look for a seat. I followed after, and found him sitting at an empty table. When I arrived, I was next to him some used utensils and 2 packs of half-used tissue pack. My first thought was: how come the previous diner didn’t clear their half-used tissue pack. Before I could even sit down, a woman sternly shouted towards us from a distance. She was scolding us for occupying her table. She claimed so unashamedly that her tissue pack is on the table, so the table belongs to her. She claimed she was right to reserve using her tissue, and “everyone does that”, and called him “stupid”, that I felt so embarrassed for her behaviour. Fortunately, we managed to find another table next to theirs, but that means they continued exchanging words. Ching Wei was also at the tip of his anger and raised his voice in disgust. The woman even complained to her friend who came with her food moments later about our wrongdoing of occupying their seats when their tissue pack was there first.

Of course, she didn’t notice a large sign printed on the canteen wall: “… no reservation of seats allowed”.

We all knew about people reserving tissue packs in food courts, but never did I expect people to actually believe that they have the absolute right and scold those who did not obey. I would consider tissue-reservation as an unspoken code that should be treated as a privilege, not a right. If the woman was to courteously advise us that she had already occupied the seat with her tissue, we would have given way. But unbelievably, she actually scolded us for being in the wrong.

Same situation: I took a cab on Saturday and the cab driver scolded cars for cutting into his lane. He kept flashing his high-beam and honked at them and refused to let them cut in. He complained that drivers nowadays are reckless. Moments later, he himself was cutting in and out of lanes.

I guess that’s the reason why reality shows are so entertaining to watch. Some people simply doesn’t realise they made a complete fool of themselves.

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