Today is the first full day without the confinement lady, and we thought we could manage.

The morning was doing fine. I took leave today to bring Mayenne back to the ancestor’s altar at my grandma’s place. She behaved very well. But after the event, we got home, and the struggle started.

Already, Angie didn’t have a good night sleep as she had to wake up and feed Mayenne and at the same time expressing breast milk. In the afternoon, the gate contractor came to change our faulty aluminum gate. Despite the noise, Mayenne slept through.

During the evening though, she seemed agitated. Despite feeds and diaper changes, she seemed in a mood. Crying desperately for help, yet she didn’t take lots of milk. It was like 40ml every half hour. It was frustrating. No more long naps or full feeds. I wasn’t even able to work on my music with my headphones on, coz I couldn’t hear her cries. And from the way she behaves, cries are just an hour away.


  1. Gosh…i’ve no idea how to help you through this except to hang in there Daddy Chester! Soon enough she’ll be old enough and the days of her crying non-stop will be gone, and when she becomes a teenager and decides to not talk to you at all.. you’ll even start to miss the days when she cries . okie i digress but still..hang in there 🙂

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