We’ve been through a long selection process for our baby’s English name. Now, we have to do the same for the Chinese name. To add to the challenge, we have to match characters such that they are auspicious (English names also have such a numerology concept, but we chose to ignore that).

In a way, it’s quite fun and enlightening to see how Chinese characters have a ‘character’ of their own. For instance, each Chinese character belongs to one of the 5 elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth). And the number of strokes play a crucial part in deriving the numerous analysis like the 天格,人格,地格,外格,and finally adding all up is the 总格. Each summed-up number can also be associated with one of the 5 elements, and numerically it can be further analysed. In short, name analysis is just another science of numerology.

So we did our analysis using a reference book from Dad (he’s a Fengshui enthusiast). Initially, we were skeptical about our findings and contemplated about going to You Long Zi the ‘de-facto’ Fengshui Master for Chinese names. But after learning how You Long Zi probably analysed using some sort of a computer program, and searching online for some name analysis websites, we verified that the name we selected is indeed quite good and suitable. And so we have settled on our baby Mayenne’s Chinese name.

Out of fun, I did a search for my Chinese name on the Internet and found a child prodigy! Read here.

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