Mummy helped Baby pick a belt as a gift to Daddy’s first father’s day. Thanks for the lovely thought, Mummy.

This morning, Angie’s Dad came and visited Mayenne. That’s his second visit at our house since Mayenne’s birth.

I found this photo from Angie’s personal digicam, Fuji F31fd. I thought it’s a poignant moment to put up on this Father’s Day post.

And here’s our family photo taken a week ago.

When Mayenne was a week old, we were worried that she slept too much and refuses to wake up for food. Now, she is feeding better, and then we wonder why she doesn’t sleep. During the day, she would cry for attention, to be held, to be cradled. Ironies of life.

But here are some moments when she’s in a better mood.


“Ain’t I cute?”

“Happy Father’s Day.”

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