2 more TRANSFORMERS motion picture sneaks.

1. TV Trailer that shows more scenes

View here

2. A chase-fight scene between Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher along the highway, official footage from Michael Bay’s website.

View here

3. Optimus Prime is also exclusively featured in 2007 MTV Movie Awards. Visit the site to watch the entire streaming broadcast before it gets taken down.

View here

By the way, many of the movie toys are stocked at some department stores like OG, Toys ‘r’ Us. And don’t be surprised if you see adults (like me) lurking around toy sections. You can’t blame us: after all, these ‘retro’ characters kept us company during our childhood. Ironically, it’s only when we grew up that we can afford to buy them ourselves.

Here a couple of TRANSFORMERS “audition tapes” of candidates who didn’t make the cut.

Countdown to the screening: 22 days.

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