The big day is finally here, where Mayenne is shown to our world of friends and relatives. Our celebration was held at Furama City Centre Hotel’s Tiffany Cafe, which offers a spread of international buffet from 12pm to 5pm. We basically booked the entire place and the hotel charged based on the number of turnout.

Mayenne is especially well-behaved. In fact, she seemed to manage noise and crowd very well. But once back home, she became her usual cranky self. We simply had to carry her and pacify her. On one occasion, I cradled her on my lap with one hand while I surfed the Net with the other hand and she slept like a log. But the moment she woke up, she started wailing again. We know we aren’t supposed to carry her, but till we get some professional advise to ‘train’ her to be more independent, we probably have to do her bidding for the time being.

Traditional red eggs prepared during Chinese birthday celebrations

Mayenne, the most comfortable person in the event

Cafe nicely-decorated by the Hotel management (thanks!)

Aunt Christina

Little Jones loves baby

Little Jones likes anyone 😛

Angie’s colleagues
Aunt Suzie, the child-care veteran

Baby vs. Baby

My parent’s neighbours who watched me grow up

Liang Popo and Aunt Fay

Fay entertains Mayenne

The ladies that made Mayenne possible (took them 80 years to come to this).
From left: Angie’s Dad’s Mum, Chester’s Dad’s Mum, and Chester’s Mum’s Mum. Actually, behind my granny sits Angie’s Mum’s Mum. Angie’s Mum is at the extreme right.

To mark this eventful milestone, I created a photobook to commemorate Mayenne’s first month. I also purchased 2 domain names, one for Mayenne and one for Angie. Correct as on 24 June 2007, if you click, you can view Mayenne’s photobook. If you click, you get nothing. Hopefully, this will change soon as we work on a more customised site for both of them. As for the rest of your Singaporeans, get your own domain before someone takes it. The .sg prefix was introduced in Jan 2006 and anyone living in Singapore can purchase it, unlike the more restrictive Don’t have any use of it? Just get it now and decide later, because it is impossible to get the domain off the current owner unless the owner gives up the domain voluntarily or if you pay good money for the owner to transfer the ownership. It’s really like owning a mobile phone number.

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