Little Girl – CD Single by DJ Kevin Wong

My latest music project is to arrange a piano version for Kevin Wong Dejiang’s upcoming single, “Little Girl”. Kevin 黃德江 is a songwriter-singer as well as a local radio deejay. As I was arranging, I thought, why not throw in an instrumental version. So I submitted both to him and was both accepted into his single. On the same album, Roy 黎沸輝 was featured on the guitar.

The album will be on sale from 7 July 2007 at HMV and CD-RAMA. For more information on Kevin Wong, visit his blog at . Do support us artistes by buying this affordable CD at only S$3.90!

The official website for the CD Single by Avex TW is View the below promotional video, which also features a preview of the piano version performed by me.

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  1. 惠琳

    Hi Chester…

    Have seen Kevin’s MV…well…his singing improved visibly!!

    Hope this EP will be great.

    Just dropping a note to say Hi…

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