Did a photoshoot for KAI in association with NUS Science Club’s upcoming D&D pageant. The shoot was done at the Heeren outlet. KAI is a boutique specialising club wear for ladies.

Models Terri, Sophie and Jasmine

Admittedly, this is my first fashion assignment. To me, fashion shoot is totally different from normal portraiture or events. For one, the photos must sell the clothes, and the model is a mere accessory, the “body” for the clothes to take shape.

Sophie is in the organising committee and whom I’ve kept in contact with after a private photoshoot months ago (hint: visit my portraiture photo gallery). She offered the assignment to me because she felt comfortable working with me. She might also want me to do the official pageant photography but that one will come later. This comes to show that sometimes in the creative business, it’s not the best that gets the job, but it’s the one who knows who.

Due to limited budget, I had to do the shoot all by myself without any assistants. As such, I had to limit my lighting to the basic units. Instead of studio strobes, I set up 2 x SB-800 flash units on 2 tripods. Another limitation is that the shoot had to take place on-location at the shop. The challenge is to make use of the decor tastefully and yet not making it look like a shop.

The shoot was completed in about 3 hours, with the first hour playing around the the lights. The images are to be used for promoting KAI throughout the campus in return for KAI’s sponsorship to the event. Eventually, there will be graphic designers to edit the photos for the purposes, but here are a sample of the photos, cropped or re-coloured to my taste:

Jasmine pretends to be a mannequin as she poses with 2 others.

Sophie gives a confident pose, showing off the stunning red dress.

Sexy grey top with equally-seductive black shorts with KAI logo on it.

Jasmine wears a black number, using the shop counter as the backdrop.

Terri loves this floral dress so much, she bought it after the shoot.

Today, Sophie came to my office to collect the photos. She gave me a box of sinful “Sins” chocolates to thank me for the help. The packaging is so pretty that I can’t bear to eat the chocs until I get home to take a few shots.

The expensive packaging really made the chocolates looked special.

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