Today, baby went to see doc and had her blood tested for jaundice, among other things. Good to hear that it dropped considerably, and liver is tested ok. She also gained a little weight: 2.77kg.

This evening when I came back from work, she just had her feed and was opening her eyes so so big! I didn’t miss a beat to snap some shots.

Moments later, she cried for food again. So we fed her, and she seemed fine. We put her on a convertible baby chair, and I was like chatting with her. 10 minutes later, she started wailing again. I guessed she must have felt discomfort from the feed (overfed, perhaps). We pacified her, patted her, rocked her, no help.

Then I decided to play the music CD that I always played when my wife was pregnant. Once the music filled the living room, she stopped.

She stopped.

I’ve heard so much about how music calms the baby. I was even told wonder stories of people who bought my music albums and how the music actually calmed their newborn. Here’s a quote from someone who left a message on my “Timeless” album guestbook:

When my wife was pregnant, we awake to the music of this cd as it was in our CD player alarm every morning and we will also sometimes listen to this CD before we sleep at night.
Now I discover that my newborn baby also loves the CD too! It is amazing, because whenever she is showing signs of restlessness, we play this CD and presto, she calms down almost immediately! Great when we need to change her diapers (her legs don’t kick about that much) or soothe her to sleep.
Thanks for being such an influence to our lives, Chester! — Melvin, 22 Feb 2005

And, here I am, first hand experiencing this.

In case you are wondering what CD I was playing to my baby, it’s my upcoming piano album to be released, somewhere (outside Singapore), sometime (this year, I hope). And fact is: it can be any nice soothing CD, piano or guitar, as long as it’s sounds that the baby is familiar with. But if you want a recommendation, get Piano Spa Bliss!

Then, after several tracks, my wife put her to bed and stopped the CD. 15 mnutes later, she started fussing again. I quickly played the CD once more. This time, it took a little longer to take effect, but the end result is the same. Peace.

As I was about to publish this post, I heard little Mayenne started making noises again. She already had another feed half hour ago, the third within 3 hours since I returned home at 8pm. That, despite the CD being replayed the second time, which I reckon it’s only a delay tactic against an eventual vocal outburst. I think this is going to be a long night for the confinement lady… Grow, baby. Grow!


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