Today we went to the Immigration department and registered Mayenne as a legal human being on Planet Earth, a citizen of the Republic of Singapore. This is after the weeks of deciding on her Chinese name. And we name her 陳薇如 .

Good thing we went there early in the morning, for we completed the entire process in about 15 minutes. After that, we went to Centrepoint to buy the stroller. We have been contemplating between Combi and Maclaren. Combi is lightweight and can be collapsed with a single hand, but kindda flimsy. Maclaren is hardy but heavy and requires both hands to fold up. Angie wants Combi so that she can operate the stroller if she were to go out with Mayenne alone. I convinced her that she should not be going out with baby all alone, and if the need really arises, she can just go and buy some cheapo one-hand-operation stroller for below S$200, or use the ‘sarong’. Otherwise, Maclaren is the best choice, durable and safe for the child, albeit heavy. Besides, Robinsons offers an attractive discount price for the Techno XT model, which costs about $370. And we didn’t pay a cent because we have vouchers to spend.

The rest of my day is spent on doing 2 photoshoots. One is for NUS Science Club’s upcoming D&D pageant and the other for 2 La Salle students majoring in acting. More on that once I complete editing the photos.

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