When I started creating my own web site in 1997, I had to rely on my own server space to host all my content, like photos and music files. And when someone asked me how he/she can create their own website, I told them it’s better to purchase webspace because at those times, free webhosts like Fortunecity and Yahoo restricts bandwidth and have too many pop-up ads. They also prevent files with MP3 or EXE extensions to be uploaded for fear of copyright infringement (those days, they associate all music files as commercial music).

Fast forward to 2007. You can easily create content, upload photos and music in free public sites. From Flickr (photo hosting) to IMEEM (music hosting) to YouTube (video hosting) to Meebo (instant messenging chat windows) to Multiply (multimedia content hosting), you can create your own multimedia content site without even paying for any server space.

This is amazing. It’s like living in a country where they offer free housing and facilities. This is the free world of online community.

I just joined IMEEM last week, and found my Piano Spa tracks in the site. Thanks to these people who uploaded my songs on IMEEM, you can now listen to my compositions right here. I personally won’t upload these songs on the sites as they are copyrighted and I would like you to purchase my albums and support my sales so that my record label has justification to continue releasing more albums of my compositions. But since it’s uploaded by others, I might as well link them here.

Enjoy and exploit.

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