My wife will be off from work for the next 4 months. She will start her maternity leave from today and she will stay at home to wait for the signs of contraction and to give birth to our baby.

She should be blogging all these by her own but since she is adamant about not writing her own blog, I end up doing the writing ‘on her behalf’, because she has kindly shared my blog link to some of her colleagues and friends who are now regular readers of my blog.

Yuna, my Hong Kong friend whom I met in Singapore in late April, had the following MSN comments regarding my music:

是 你嚮往的世界…



Interesting how she interprets my personality through my music. And she is quite right about that. It shows how much she appreciates my music, and I am flattered.

Do you feel the same way too? Listen to my compositions via IMEEM playlist on the right side. The songs are not uploaded by me, and since I have no control over the people who uploaded my songs over the Internet, I thought I might as well utilise them for your listening pleasure.

Recently, a lot of copyright material was being taken down in YouTube, so it’s a matter of time when my songs are taken down. If you like them, please purchase from the CD shops (in Singapore) or order from the internet at

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