All of us has a biological clock that our body keeps such that our internal organs function in routine, from waking up to eating to shitting to sleeping. The most obvious effects of our biological clock is during jet lag when you travel to another country and you realise that you feel sleep in the day and active at night.

Our body goes through self-detox during our sleeping hours, so if you force your body to stay awake and engage in some night activities, you stress the body and affects its ‘maintenance’. Sooner or later you will ‘break down’.

As much as we want to have fun and stay awake all night, we should not do this too often and affect our health.

Same thing about social drinking. Too much is bad for your health. I don’t understand how intoxicating your mind and puking is enjoyable. But to those who wants to drown their sorrows, it is definitely a way to escape from reality. But do they realise that getting drunk does not solve the problem, but probably adds to it? Drinking delays the problem-solving process, it does not make it go away. I mean, if your problem is already messed up, why mess up your body too?

Last weekend I was supposed to do a photoshoot with someone. On the day itself, I SMSed her, called her, but no reply. Still, I went to the agreed place to wait for her for an hour, afterwhich I gave up and went home. I then received her SMS at about 7pm, telling me she just woke up after partying the night before.

For those who wants to look beautiful and shapely, there’s nothing more important than to take care of your internal body. From there, your external looks will follow. Having a clean and clear mind also helps in managing the entire functioning of your body.

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