I love creating photobooks. It’s the best end-product to the photos compiled into meaningful sequences.

I also like to capture images reflecting the real person – in another word, journalistic. See, anyone who puts on make-up and styles the hair and wears nice clothes will look good in pictures. The challenge is therefore to capture them in their natural self, presenting the ‘photographee’ in his/her true personality.

Glamour shots are perfectly fine as it presents the person in a beautiful light, just like how a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. But as a photographer, I feel a greater sense of achievement and satisfaction when I am able to present beautiful images of the person I photograph in every day settings – by being him/herself.

That’s why I embarked myself in wedding day photography before other genres.

Weeks back in end-April, I did a photoshoot with Madeleine. She is probably one of the hottest models in the local photographic community, ClubSNAP, as she is one of the few freelance models that accepts lingerie, bikini, and semi-nude assignments. Some even believed that all the photo assignments she took are in those categories.

So, against all fashion, I decided to do a photo shoot of her properly clothed.

In true journalistic fashion, we talked about what kind of stories she (the subject) wanted to do. Being a professional-minded model, her standard answer was obviously “do what I (the photographer) want to do”. But I wanted to change her mindset, and it didn’t take long to uncover her interests. So we decided to do, among many things, a shoot of all her favourite tortoise soft-toys, the “Kuma Kuma”, and her cello, which she stopped learning for many years.

We had discussed about the shoot for months and waiting for the right time to execute the shoot. On the day of the shoot, she told me she couldn’t get back her cello as it was at her friend’s house and he was not contactable. So I decided to substitute for my violin instead, not exactly representative of ‘her’ but afterall it’s a portfolio shoot, so we went along with that.

The 40-page photobook can be viewed here online. Here’s some image excerpts.

The day before I did the shoot for Madeleine, I did a shoot for a ballet-teacher, Audrey. The RAD exams of her students just ended and I was the exam pianist. So after the exams I arranged to use the dance studio for a photoshoot. Initially, we were given the whole afternoon to shoot, but later the senior teacher told us that someone would be using the room, and so we only had less than an hour to do the studio shoot. So I quickly grabbed as many shots as I could and did the rest of the shoot outdoors. The entire photobook can be viewed at this link.

That afternoon after Madeleine’s shoot, I did a studio photoshoot for her sister’s children (In short, in the spam of 2 days, I did 3 sets of photoshoot). This is the second time I did a shoot of children, and so I already know what to expect. As this is a paid client shoot, I am not supposed to share the photos extensively, but since this image is also posted on Madeleine’s blog, there is no harm sharing here.

Aren’t they beautiful. The boy was extremely shy throughout the photo session and refused to take many photos of himself. The girl, however, is totally at ease and volunteered many poses. Takes after her aunt Maddie.


  1. Madeleine, I will love you forever..Hopefully our paths will cross each other once again..May those good times will always remains with us..

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