Watched Spider-Man 3 last Friday. Very lengthy and longwinded movie, very untypical of a superhero movie. In fact, nowadays comic heroes have been humanised to explore other aspects. Even the villains are no longer bad without a reason. So far, all the villains in the Spider-Man movies are fundamentally good, and what’s tragic and amazing is that everyone of them is related to Peter Parker.

And I think all movie producers are exploiting that “relative” element to work on the storyline. From X-Men (Professor X and Magneto) to Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom) and Batman (Batman and Joker). Comic stories are no longer portrayed where heroes don colourful costumes and give cheesy lines or silly action sequences. Superheroes will die – like Superman and Captain America.

Speaking of which, TRANSFORMERS is coming. But from the trailers, Michael Bay made Transformers look like creepy aliens from outer space. I respect his detail for authenticity in the transformation modes, but it’s still a movie, so I was hoping that the robots are more human-like rather than some messed up machinery. Another movie producer’s attempt to “darken” the comic characters. I felt that perhaps TRANSFORMERS work better with CGI animation like ‘Final Fantasy’.

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