Today I became a daddy.

Last night, my wife and I went to watch Pirates of the Carribean 3 at Bishan GV. She wished to finish the final trilogy before she went into confinement after birth, so I took the risk and bought the tickets in advance. Probably the worst of the 3 movies, but what matters is to complete the tale.

At 3.22am, I was woken by her sudden dash into the washroom. A moment later, she alerted me: the water bag had been broken. We took 15 minutes to get ourselves orientated, she took a shower while I packed the final stuffs. We reached the hospital at about 4am.

We monitored the baby’s heartbeat and contractions, and all seemed to be normal, until about 5.30am we found the baby’s heartbeat disappeared from the ECG. Panic, we alerted the nurse, who adjusted the ECG devices. We couldn’t get any good consistent readings, and so the nurses decided to alert our gynae and prepared for an emergency Caesarian section.

By 6am, she was wheeled into the operating theatre. I wasn’t allowed inside, so I waited outside till 7am, then I was a little life being wheeled out of the door. My daughter, Mayenne, is born at 6.35am, weighing 2.69kg (almost 6 pounds).

Everything happened so suddenly and so quick. I was expecting a long labour since nurse told us that her cervix was only 2cm dilated. But a C-section shortened the entire labour process, eliminating me from the entire process. We never got to make use of all the breathing techniques or the mental support we learned from antenatal classes. To my wife, it just felt like a surgical operation rather than a baby delivery, a feeling which I perfectly understand.

Incidentally, our bed number is 524, the date our baby’s birthday.

Trying hard to make this post interesting, but having very little sleep, I lost my usual creativity and mental effort. Anyway, the most important thing in this post is… PHOTOS!!!


Big Yawn!

Who’s Peeping?

Snap the Babe!

Mother and Child


  1. congrats!!! BB is so sweet & pretty. Wish mummy a smooth & speedy recovery & daddy enough sleep & energy to look after Mummy & BB.

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