Mummy told me that Baby is feeding better after the nurse helped out last night. And it seems that we have been under-feeding the baby. This morning, Baby was clamouring for more milk every half hour, keeping Mummy very busy. Fortunately, she was satisfied by the time we needed to check out, so she sat throughout the car journey quietly.


“Hi, Mama!”

“Eh, Papa?”

“I act cool!”

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  1. Congrats once again!! Your darling daughter is so adorable! And of course photogenic 🙂 She’s blessed to have a daddy like you who can immortalize her babyhood days in gorgeous photos! heh


  2. To Amelia: Thanks for dropping by.

    To Sophie: I’ve been wanting to ask you for your blog address, and thanks for sharing it here! Just added you to my right menu. Cheerios!

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