In recent months, my secondary school and university alma maters have been aggressively promoting the alumni activities. If you are wondering, I finished ‘O’ Levels from Catholic High School and got my bachelor degree at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

There is a big difference in which alma mater I feel a more sense of belonging. NTU Alumni currently boasts their new club house at One Buona Vista, top-class facilities and membership privileges.

On the other hand, Catholic High Alumni recently announced that they are using the current school compound as a Recreation Club every Saturdays, where alumni members can use the facilities.

To me, it’s not the million-dollar facilities that entice me, these are merely material. All an alumnus asks for a a place where he feels a sense of belonging and evokes memories of old. And there’s no better way than to offer an opportunity for us to return to the school where we lived and played. Even though the current school compound is not the one we went to school, it’s the feeling of ‘back-to-school’ that instantly transports us back to the schooling days.

If you are once a Catholic High School student, visit the alumni page at and join the activities, meet old classmates, get back some of those lost memories.

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