Mayenne is being diagnosed with mild jaundice, and is put under UV light for the entire day. She is still not very proficient in suckling the breast, and we were kindda worried as we are unable to tell whether she has taken enough milk. Her cries are getting stronger and more ‘scary’, and we are at a loss of what to do. Her blocky nose does not help in the situation. Her weight has dropped to 2.5kg.

We then recalled that babies need to be fed even if they are happy to be sleeping. Herein lies the dilemma: she looked so serene when she is asleep that we were afraid to wake her up for food, but if we wake her and if she starts crying, we would not know what to do.

Tomorrow, Angie will be able to leave the hospital, but we do not know if Mayenne can leave with us. And if she does, it will truly be the beginning of our parenthood – on our own.

Looking at Mummy

Looking at Daddy – behind the camera

Looking at Grandparents

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