I reached hospital at about 9.30am, and a clinician was already there to teach little Mayenne how to suck so that she can feed on breast milk properly. And thank goodness it helped.

The paediatrician informed us that she has mucus build-up on her nose and so requires to be kept under a warmer. He also prescribed some nose drops.

Mayenne was mostly asleep and not hungry for Mummy’s milk when we brought her to the ward. At times, she was wailing helplessly, and yet when we tried to feed her, she was disinterested though it stopped the crying. We thought it could be due to the below-body temperature she was experiencing in the ward. So we left her in the nursery most of the time.

She has yet to opened her eyes fully, but some who saw a glimpse thought she has double eyelids. Some even thought they saw dimples.

Here’s some photos I captured while Granny (my mum) held her.

Many of our colleagues and old friends visited us. Thank you all for the gifts. Hope you all can attend Mayenne’s first-month gathering!

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