This evening I was taking the train home, and something interesting caught my eye. Amidst the crowded cabin, this guy stood right in front of a lady wearing white spaghetti-strap top. I caught him staring at her for quite a fair bit, which was rather normal. But what’s unusual is that this guy seemed to face himself towards her throughout the journey, with no intentions to move himself away from her (usually commuters stand facing in the same direction). After a few stops. the lady sort of shifted position, but the guy shamelessly shifted with her. His position towards her looked like what a couple would be in, so for a moment I was wondering if they actually knew each other, but throughout the journey they never spoke, and the lady was looking around as if to find another standing space to distance from him. The guy had that ‘how-I-wish-I-could-befriend-you-but-I-am-shy’ look on his face as he glanced her now and then.

It was obvious the lady was feeling uncomfortable, and it seemed strange that she did not make more effort to move somewhere else in the cabin. Eventually, she turned away from the guy back-facing him, but that did not stop him from staying close to her.

I didn’t know what happened after I alighted at my station, but it appeared that the cabin was less crowded and she moved to and area where the guy could not have an excuse to stay too close to her.

Although the guy has obvious motives, the lady should have the common sense to move away. She should give a clear signal to the guy that ‘I-know-what-you-are doing’, or else the guy would think that either the lady was unaware of his ‘advances’ or that she is too timid to reject his advances, encouraging him to be bolder.

Then again, I might be totally wrong in the whole situation, but that is how I interpret the body language, and it kept my mind entertained throughout the train journey.

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