Last night I had the longest bus ride home.

After a short grocery shopping and dinner at AMK Hub, my wife and I walked to the bus stop along Ave 3 to take a shuttle bus home. It would typically take us about 10 minutes to walk home from where we were.

While crossing the small road, we missed our bus, which is fine. We sat at the bus stop and waited for about 15 minutes before the next bus came. After we hopped on the bus, it traveled to the junction of Ave 8 and then it got stuck, because a truck broke down right at the left slip road. As a result, all the public buses were stuck. Some managed to make a turn off the main intersection but the double-decker in front of our bus nearly got stuck at the turn, because the angle was very steep. At first try, the base of the bus scratched on the concrete pavement. It took a few tries before it made it, all these time disrupting traffic from all directions.

Our bus driver decided not to take the risk, and while calling the HQ for advise, he stopped the bus at the junction. Lucky for the other buses behind him, they overtook us and from the 2nd lane, were able to turn left to Ave 8 due to the wide turning angle.

Eventually, the bus driver was told to drive straight and to drop us off at the bus stop next to the MRT station. From there, we walked home.

We took 40 minutes to get home from AMK Hub, when we could have made it, on foot, in 10.

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